Ep 233: Dave Birss – Seven Minutes of Soundbites on Effective Use Of A.I.

Ep 233: Dave Birss – Seven Minutes of Soundbites on Effective Use Of A.I.

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Ep 233: Dave Birss - Seven Minutes of Soundbites on Effective Use Of A.I.


If you just want the top AI tips and techniques from Prompt Engineering Expert Dave Birss then here are 7 minutes of soundbites to spark some inspiration.

If you have time then do check out the whole episode as Dave has a wealth of knowledge that may well challenge how you currently view AI innovations. 

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About Dave Birss.

With over 30 years of experience in creativity, technology, and innovation Dave has become a highly respected and sought-after public speaker and trainer of creative minds. 

Dave has taken everything he has learned over the past three decades to become a polymath who shares his insights into the worlds of creativity, technological innovation, and now A.I. 

Currently, Dave is the most popular AI and prompt engineering instructor on LinkedIn Learning. His forward-thinking approach has put him at the forefront of the AI wave, allowing him to balance practical approaches with advancing technology. As he says ‘ In a world of myopic evangelists and apocalyptic naysayers, his guided, sensible approach helps embrace the AI future with our eyes wide open. By stripping away the BS of AI he’s an expert in explaining how it can really add value to an organization and individuals. 

His award-winning books, including “How To Get To Great Ideas,” “A User Guide To The Creative Mind,” “Friction,” and “Iconic Advantage,” give readers insight into how great ideas can transform business. That is why the next book he is currently working on will explore the best ways to use AI in business


00:00 Intro 

00: 31 Dave’s role

01:02 The AI parallels to the development of photography

03:30 The CREATE framework 

06:40 The MAD framework  

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