118: Dr. James Bradley – His Journey To Becoming A Climate Scientist

118: Dr. James Bradley – His Journey To Becoming A Climate Scientist

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118: Dr. James Bradley - His Journey To Becoming A Climate Scientist

Dr. James Bradley was born in Glasgow, brought up in England by a surgeon father and research science mother. In a supportive home environment, he grew and developed his interest in geobiology. 

With a curiosity for outdoors and travel, and an explorer gene, his adventurous and inspiring geography teacher encouraged him to pursue an education in environmental science and geography. 

In part one we discuss James’s education at Bristol University where he began climate modeling to simulate the effect of the impact of forestation levels and the reflectivity of the earth’s surface on climate and carbon levels. James also breaks down the complexity of the biosphere.

He discusses his first job out of University, and why finance at an international bank did not enrich him, that led him to wish away his week and realizing that his yearning to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge. 

Returning to the education he completed his master and is now As an Assistant professor at Queen Mary University in London where he runs his geobiology lab and working to understand the coevolution of life and the environment. 

James explains the practical fieldwork he is doing on the Greenland ice sheets to understand why it’s darkening and shrinking and reducing the earth’s reflectivity which keeps the planet’s temperature in check. 

He explains the difference  between positive feedback and negative feedback loops and his modeling of the pigment of the microorganisms that colonize these massive  ice shelves and the impact of their nutrient cycles 

The exponential effect on climate 

We also cover the impact of  deep ocean mining on microbial life the ocean ecosystem 

We end part one James and I discuss the politicization of climate, the media’s reporting and the impact of humanity on climate, and his perspective on the positive impact on carbon emissions from the global pandemic.

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