Ep 197: David Risley – Seven Minutes of Soundbites

Ep 197: David Risley – Seven Minutes of Soundbites

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Ep 197: David Risley - Seven Minutes of Soundbites

TL:DR – If you’re short on time and want to hear some of the insights, ideas, and practical solutions to the current US Criminal Justice System then here’s 7 minutes of key soundbites, from criminal justice expert, thought leader and advocate, David E Risley.

If you do have the time on a run, cycle, or drive, check out the full episode.

David E Risley is a storyteller and domain expert. He is the host of Justice Voices, the podcast that delivers eye-opening stories about criminal justice, healing, and building safer communities.

For 32 years, yes, 32 years, David was also a federal prosecutor for the Central District of Illinois, where he led counter-terrorism prosecutions, and was the lead attorney on multi-jurisdictional drug distribution conspiracies for the organized-crime, drug enforcement task force. Safe to say he knows a bit or two.

We discuss a lot about the need for reform and redesign in the criminal justice system. It’s meaty. Enjoy.

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David also served as an attorney advisor for the Iraqi High Tribunal, where he helped investigate crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes committed by Saddam Hussein and high-ranking members of his former regime.

David also provided bilateral mutual legal assistance and diplomatic liaison, as well as capacity-building programs for the Egyptian legal and judicial system.

From criminal justice policy reform, anti-violence strategy, investigating and prosecuting complex multi-jurisdictional crime and criminal organizations, anti-terrorism and national security law to international criminal justice, international humanitarian law, and Egyptian law, David’s expertise is vast.

With Justice Voices, David has now got a vision and mission to build a strategic action platform to redesign the US criminal justice system. a pretty seismic task indeed to redirect resources to more cost-effective solutions and reform the delivery of justice for all. Wow.

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