100: Chloe Valdary – Serendipity, Spirit and Storytelling, Part One

100: Chloe Valdary – Serendipity, Spirit and Storytelling, Part One

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100: Chloe Valdary - Serendipity, Spirit and Storytelling, Part One

Guest Overview

Chloe Valdary was born in New Orleans, to a homemaking mother and banker father, and grew up in an environment of inquiry and orthodoxy that led her to open a Pandora’s box of curiosity.

Through curiosity, talent and education Chloe developed a love of art, music and English literature that expanded her world view and set her on a journey to develop the skills and insights needed to create her Theory of Enchantment educational program. The course is designed to use storytelling and pop-culture to equip students with the skills necessary to develop a healthy sense of personal empowerment and social wellbeing. It’s also the name of her podcast.

In part one of this two-parter Chloe discusses her upbringing, growing up with abundance and scarcity, the fusion of inquiry and orthodoxy, the impact of religion and her education, her love of, and desire to explore art, English literature, and film. We also cover her insider-outsider dynamic how her worldview developed and how she ended up with a scholarship at the Wall Street Journal

Part Two Chloe expands on the psychological and spiritual power and value of her curriculum in addressing the inability to see the other in identity politics.

We discuss the chaos of Covid19 and the broader issues underlying the moment, the opportunity of Creating meaning out of disorder and chaos, less social distancing in our virtual lives and the role and power of storytelling and the power of Mumford and Sons Sigh No More

Maintaining discipline to continue learning, the role of A minor and developing and making meaning in the world

Of course, we discuss serendipity, curiosity, education, change, principles, and her quick-fire answers.

I hope you enjoy the enquiring mind, the redemptive spirit and, the educational storytelling of Chloe Valdary.

What We Discuss 

Her Banker Father and homemaking Mother

Chloe’s English Literature mentors

The important role and intellectual impact of Churchgoing

How the past always loomed large in growing up

Abundance and scarcity in her upbringing

The impact of her School and its academic rigor

Civically minded classmates

Developing values of Honor, Service Justice, and Wisdom

Forming Theory of Enchantment

Her love of art and English literature

Majoring in film and screenwriting

Getting a Barclay Fellowship and Tikvah Scholarship Fund for The Wall Street Journal

Bret Stevens NYT

Her post that went viral https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/students-justice-palestine

Learning how to love and the science and psychology of love

Her focus on pop culture

Power of story and our human potential

Redemptive storytelling

How a liberal professor shattered her world view

Explaining the principles of the Theory of Enchantment

Enchantment thesis explained

The impact of reading Literature vs polemical works

Teaching her theory

The role of dance in her life

Chaos of Covid19 and the broader issues underlying the moment

Using the program to address societal issues

Creating meaning out of disorder and chaos

Mumford and Sons Sigh No More and the book she is writing

Her process for learning and discipline

Remaining Optimistic

Redemptive archetype

The note A minor

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Links In The Show

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Wall Street Journal Tikvah Fund 

Bret Stevens 

Students for Justice in Palestine A Letter From an Angry Black Woman 

Rosa Parks 

Martin Luther King

Jesus Camp Doc

Cognitive dissonance


Maya Angelou

Chloe’s Article that went Viral 

Marcus Arilias and Stoicism


Mumford and Sons

Dominion – How the Christian Revolution Changed the World 

Unorthodox Netflix

Tasha Blank

Leonard Cohen

Terrance Malik Hidden Life 

Book – East of Eden

Jonathan Haidt NYU

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