110: Post Covid19 – Why We Do What We Do Nita Baum ( Part Two)

110: Post Covid19 – Why We Do What We Do Nita Baum ( Part Two)

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110: Post Covid19 - Why We Do What We Do Nita Baum ( Part Two)

Guest Overview

Post Covid19 Nita Baum is on a mission. She is an entrepreneur, co-creator, facilitator, mentor-coach, and community-builder. She is also board lead for Solar responders – the NGO from previous guest Hunter Johansson – so thanks to Hunter for making this happen.

Born in New York to an inspiring cancer scientist mother and a philosophical pharmacist father, her parents’ influenced her curiosity, appreciation for creation, and her right brain – left brain development.

In Part One of this two-parter, we cover Nita’s early story.

In Part Two we discuss her perspectives on the broader impact of Covid19 and cover what led Nita to form her business Bfree to partners with organizations to help them to activate individual, team, and organizational potential. Nita questions purpose role of work in light of the crisis and our growing realization of what can be achieved so easily and quickly

We discuss the transformative moment of now and how people are reacting and the opportunity for consciousness-raising, the reorientation of human capital and the transformative capacity in all of us.

I hope you are inspired by the vision, values and life philosophy of Nita Baum

What we discuss:

Nita’s mother’s wonder and awe and love of science

Her father’s broad expansive thinking and his concern for what it means to be human and our collective interdependence.

How Nita grew up to understand about food as a healing agent

Her Mother’s respect for science

A growing appreciation for art and science, and the process of creation

Nita’s memories of her conversations with her father about MLK and JFK and her rebellious side

She discusses her sister’s influence and their relationship

Playing games of the imagination

The love of school and the challenges she faced

Her love of reading and art and literature

Nita’s growing social and political consciousness of local and global events

Being drawn to Education

Studying art history and East Asian studies

Traveling to China, Japan and Korea and becoming interested in the philosophy and spirituality

Studying in Japan after college.

The combination of abundance and scarcity and how her parents taught them about value and gratitude.

Witnessing the social inequity in education

The exposure to black culture by being invited to a gifted child’s education program

Her emotional maturity

The realization that power of systems and her misalignment

In Part two 

The impact of Covid19

Humanities interdependency and being wired for survival

What might emerge from Covid19

What is the purpose of work

Our realization of what can be achieved so easily and quickly

The transformative moment of now

How people are reacting and the opportunity for consciousness-raising

We discuss Bfree and its vision

The transformative power of leaving the workforce

The philosophy of Bfree

The reorientation of Human Capital

The transformative capacity in all of us

The potential of self, teams, and our larger human collective

Processing our grief through institutionalized fear vs building from love

Principles – Presume we all come free. Gifted, equal in power, and grounded.

Nita’s impossible advice

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