Lorna Davis Ep 93 Serendipity Quickfire Questions

Lorna Davis Ep 93 Serendipity Quickfire Questions

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Lorna Davis Ep 93 Serendipity Quickfire Questions

Guest Overview

B Corp evangelist Lorna Davis is a transformational thinker, leader, and visionary for why and how organizations can combine social, and environmental priorities with their financial imperatives to deliver improved business performance. As a highly respected coach, international speaker Lorna also serves on a number of boards to help them embrace meaning and purpose.

Born in South Africa in the age of Apartheid, her education, parental guidance, curiosity, and worldly ambitions set her on the path to a stellar career in international business and marketing and finally leading Danone to become the first billion-dollar entity to become a public benefit corporation – welcome this week’s guest Lorna Davis.

In this short bonus episode we discuss serendipity, education, diversity, divine intelligence, the joy of being human and how she uses curiosity as an antidote to pain, and her perspective on how humanity works….and the quick-fire questions.

I hope you’re inspired by the leadership values, heart, the humanity of Lorna Davis.

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