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Mental Wellness

033: Reflections On Mental Wellness

This week I want to reflect on mental wellness, technology, and sleep. During this first season we didn’t set out to explore mental wellness but it became apparent that in the arc of their stories that mental fortitude, resilience, and strength were crucial to the achievements of our guests, even those that had experienced mental …

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Reflections on Serendipity

032: Reflecting on Serendipity

I’m going to start these reflections on serendipity,  It’s the underlying theme of this series, a word that’s often used but as a concept somewhat misunderstood.   Let’s start with its origins.  The origins of words always make for fascinating reading.  But ‘serendipity’ has a particularly interesting origin story.  The word ‘serendipity’ was invented on 28 …

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021: The Curiosity and Compassion of Celebrity Mom – Sharon Feldstein

New York-born, Hollywood stylist, creator of the first expert management agency, a trend spotter and teacher, and co-founder of moms’ charity YourMomCares.org, is this week’s guest, the irrepressible and inspirational Sharon Feldstein. Leaving her beloved NYC, aged 20, Sharon earned an early break as a costume designer on 70’s hit TV sitcom, TAXI. Never looking …

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Joshua J Holland Celebrity Trainer

017: Bonus – Joshua Holland On Surprise, Re-evaluation And More

In this short bonus episode, Josh answers some questions we didn’t ask in last weeks interview. Who’s surprised him and who’s made him reevaluate himself and the differences when training celebrities with time and money and the normal everyday clients he also trains.

Please enjoy this short bonus episode. Part Two of Josh Holland and his health insights and nutrition advice drops later this week.

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