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088: Weekly Digest – Farms, Ideas, Future Fatigue and Femininity

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The Impossible Network
088: Weekly Digest - Farms, Ideas, Future Fatigue and Femininity

Podcast we loved 

Real Famous with Scott Trattner

This conversation with Scott Trattner dates to last year but has a wealth of insights into the creative mind behind some of the most iconic ads from Apple to more recently Facebook. Scott spent years working at the Media Arts Labs for Apple, eventually becoming their ECD. Scott is behind some of the most well-known campaigns in Apple’s history, including Mac vs. PC. Most recently, he was the VP and Executive Creative Director at Facebook. This fun, insightful episode is well worth your journey to work.

We found this online

This short piece in The Conversation provides a thoughtful reflection on our society’s preoccupation with the future.

The future isn’t what it used to be, at least according to the Canadian science-fiction novelist William Gibson. In an interview with the BBC, Gibson said people seemed to be losing interest in the future. “All through the 20th century, we constantly saw the 21st century invoked,” he said. “How often do you hear anyone invoke the 22nd century? Even saying it is unfamiliar to us. We’ve come to not have a future”.

I wonder if this is just a matter of time. We are in the 2020’s. If we are still here in the 2060’s maybe the future will consume us again?

Recommended to Us 

Be a Lady They Said 

Ged Hawes, Founder of We Live and Learn, strategy consultancy, shared this new provocative video. As Ged said, this short provocative video, wonderfully narrated by Cynthia Nixon and produced for GirlsGirlsGirls portrays the pressures of being a lady in our society. We’d all do well to consider how we add to different pressures in society or how we help break them down.” I think you’ll be sharing this with friends.

Finally Last Weeks Podcast

Ryan Watson Founder of North Brooklyn Farms

Serendipity brought Ryan Watson and Henry Sweets together, unified by their vision of the power of urban farming to improve the health of local communities, they spent seven years nurturing and building North Brooklyn Farm, on the banks of the East River in Brooklyn, nestled under the Williamsburg Bridge.

This extraordinary Oasis, a gathering place for the local community amid the New York metropolis, recently closed due to the real-estate development. However, in this two-part episode, we discover that Ryan’s vision remains evident in the role and need for urban farming.

In Part One, we discuss Ryan’s upbringing, education, and what influenced him to walk away from a career in Corporate Law to pursue his love or agriculture and farming, and the genesis of North Brooklyn Farms.

In part two, Ryan and I discuss his experience and learnings from running an urban farm and community gathering space for seven years and the impact the Farm had on the community in Brooklyn. We discuss his current rural farming adventure at Wild Russet Farms in the Catskills of NY State, how a new generation of millennial farmers could create a more sustainable future beyond industrial agriculture.

In this honest and wide-ranging discussion, we also cover his views on education, technology, curiosity, risk-taking, failure, persistence, work ethic, values, and the future.

I hope you enjoy the contemplative perspectives social impact, and community-minded spirit of Ryan Watson.

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